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Dr. Todd Caughey

Dr. Todd Caughey has been in private practice since 2000. He has personally helped thousands of patients overcome neck and lower back problems. His success's include everyone from people with long standing, chronic issues to failed back surgeries. But one of his most significant success stories came when the founder of Cool Springs Back and Neck Care, Dr. Eric Ries, discovered he had a very severe herniated disk. Read below for the story from his perspective and how Dr. Caughey and the AccuSpina Protocol helped heal his back!

A message from Dr. Eric Ries D.C.,  regarding his experience with Spinal Decompression Therapy:

“It was a day I’ll never forget. I was getting ready to go to the clinic one morning and after getting out of the shower, I bent over to dry my feet and there I felt it, a sharp pain in my lower back. After a period of a few days, the pain became much more intense, a deep boring pain in my back and then down into my leg. The pain would start gradually, then intensely go down into my leg to a level that was barely tolerable. After a few weeks, the pain turned to numbness where I couldn’t even feel the bottom of my foot. This was then combined with a complete loss of reflexes in my right leg and complete loss of strength in my lower leg. I literally felt like I was experiencing all of the symptoms that my patients experience over the course of years, but in the time frame of only a few weeks.

This changed my life. I couldn’t go to work, couldn’t see my patients, and couldn’t play with my children. I spent most of my time lying on my bed or on the floor draped over an exercise ball asking God to heal my back.

I was told I needed surgery for my severely herniated disc, and after seeing so many patients of mine suffer from failed surgery with horrific results; I was scared to death about that possibility.  My symptoms were getting worse and more complex and I felt like pretty soon, I would start losing control of my bladder function. (When that happens, many times emergency surgery is done to get the pressure off ASAP to prevent potential permanent impairment) I would lie on my bed and ask God why He was allowing me to have to go through this pain.

I began going through the treatment that I had spent several years helping so many patients with. I had such great hopes. Unfortunately, the pain relief I was hoping for did not come as quickly as I would have liked.  A good portion of our patients will receive on average about 50% symptom reduction after only the first couple of weeks of treatment. Unfortunately, I was not in the average.  I had great fear that I was going to be part of that small percentage of patients  we could not help with this procedure. (around 10% or so) Again I was asking God why He would allow me to have to go through this and end up needing surgery.  I started to prepare my heart for potentially never being able to practice again, and tried to figure out what I was going to do with my life.  This was a test as I also struggled to trust in God's plan through it all.

Well, I decided I was going to go through the entire course of treatment and do everything that I would have told my patients do, so I became an excellent patient in my own office! I did everything that I recommended my patients to do and then finally… a breakthrough!! I still remember the day when I feel like I turned the corner, I was already finished with 80% of my treatments and then the pain started going away and my function returned over the next few treatments.

It was finally over...well mostly. When you have a compressed nerve and numbness, it can take some time even after you relieve the pressure off the nerve.  Now the nerve needed to heal and reform.  The numbness gradually subsided over the next couple of months post treatment.

Now all I do is some simple exercises to maintain my spine. And I see the big picture and what God was doing with all of this!  I do believe that He has healed me and used this fabulous technology of Spinal Decompression Therapy to do it.”

Dr. Eric Ries, D.C.